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For over 30 years best-selling author Guy Finley has dedicated his life to showing sincere seekers the authentic path to a fearless life.
Guy is the author of The Secret of Letting Go and over 38 other works on the subject of self-realization that have sold over a million copies in 18 languages worldwide...


Welcome to Guy Finley Now, the brightest place on the Web!

Discover the illuminated, creative, and fearless life you've always wanted...

Welcome to Guy Finley Now, the first of its kind: a virtual Wisdom School.

If you ever wanted to explore the depths of your own heart and mind -- know a boundless passion for life, have less stress, more freedom, and find unshakable peace -- then you're in the right place.

Guy Finley Now is designed to give you the true knowledge, right encouragement, and practical tools you need to realize your highest aspirations.

Much more than a giant library of powerful digital content, this site is updated almost every day with Guy Finley's newest talks and writings:

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· A giant library of over 600 full-length Guy Finley talks on downloadable MP3s

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